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    29 February 2024

    Build an e-shop in 30 days, from idea to the first order: Chef Basket did it

    Episode 05 THOMcast


    Chef Basket is one of the 20.000 e-shops created in 2020. Pierre Degreef saw the impact of the HORECA shutdown on food suppliers and decided to bring professional-grade produce to consumers. From the initial idea to the first order, only thirty days went by.






    This episode is part of our podcast series on e-commerce and the E-commerce Barometer published by The House of Marketing and


    • (00:31) Introduction of Jean-Marc and Eva
    • (01:10) Introduction of Stephanie and the E-commerce Barometer
    • (03:00) Introduction of Pierre + Chef Basket
    • (07:00) The success formula explained
    • (07:45) Did a lot of e-commerce shops start during the pandemic?
    • (08:50) Do online consumers have different expectations than they have in a mortar and brick store?
    • (10:13) How did Chef Basket build its consumer base?
    • (11:14) Some notes on the retention strategy
    • (12:32) How does the average basket value evolves from a customer?
    • (13:40) What are the next steps for Chef Basket?
    • (14:33) What might be hurdles in the road to future growth?
    • (15:36) Chef Basket Promocode
    • (16:00) When did you go over and beyond for a customer?
    • (16:54) How do you stay up to date about e-commerce?
    • (17:28) What e-commerce companies inspire you?
    • (18:08) What is your best online experience as a consumer?
    • (19:20) Wrap-up




    With Pierre Degreef, founder of Chef Basket, and Stephanie Tang, Senior Consultant at The House of Marketing.

    Pierre Degreef (Chef Basket) and Stephanie Tang (THoM)





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