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    29 February 2024

    Podcast: Digital strategy

    Episode 14 — THOMcast


    In this episode, Magalie Bonafoux, Senior Consultant Manager at The House of Marketing joins us to explain what is organizational design and why companies should keep Org Design top of mind. She also shares with us some best practices and her passion for this topic.







    (1:23) Introduction of Magalie
    (2:13) What is Org Design
    (3:54) Why Org Design is exciting
    (5:14) What is the starting point of an Org Project
    (8:03) What is Agile
    (10:38) When do companies need Org Design projects
    (16:37) What are three KPI's of Org Design
    (19:39) Org Design projects are long and short term
    (20:44) Tips a Tricks





    Magalie Bonafoux, Senior Consulting Manager at The House of Marketing.



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