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    29 February 2024

    Veepee: "Free shipping? There is no such thing as a free lunch."

    Episode 08 THOMcast


    Veepee, which acquired in the Benelux in 2016, is the European leader in online flash sales. Veepee’s strategy has always been to be extremely transparent about deliveries and returns, and in particular about their costs: there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone has to pay for it: either the company through lower margins or, most of the time, the consumer.







    This episode is part of our podcast series on e-commerce and the E-commerce Barometer published by The House of Marketing and


    • (06:08) Can you briefly explain the impact of covid-19 on your business and how Veepee has responded to it?
    • (08:07) Did customer expectations change since the last year and is it lasting?
    • (08:53) How are you answering these consumption habits, are there initiatives that you've launched?
    • (11:09) Can you tell me how you maintain a positive customer experience throughout the journey?
    • (12:38) Do you have learnings on how to improve the conversion rate?
    • (14:33) What does personalization mean for your business?
    • (15:44) Are there KPI's that are important to you?
    • (18:11) Are there other data that you share with addData?
    • (19:01) Are you considering using technologies like AI, Voice technology, chatbots?
    • (21:44) Have you found the magic solution to reduce or return yet?
    • (23:05) Can you explain your delivery policy, regarding returns and logistics?





    With Tobias Tousseyn, Country Manager Benelux at Veepee, and Stephanie Tang, Senior Consultant at The House of Marketing.

    Tobias Tousseyn (Veepee) and Stephanie Tang (THoM)





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