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29 February 2024

Podcast: Value Management: How ID Marketing can help to fight churn in the most efficient way

Episode 10 — THOMcast

In the first episode of this podcast, Lies Taerwe, Managing Director at The House of Marketing, joined us to explain how Integrated Data (ID) Marketing can revolutionize today and tomorrow's way of doing marketing.
Today, we come back on the topic: we explain how ID Marketing is used in Value Management and can help to fight churn in the most efficient way. Some theoretical and practical information on this topic is shared with you by Frank Cornelis, Data Science lead from Upthrust, a sister company of The House of Marketing and member of Customer Collective.





  • (02:22) Can you explain to us what is Value management and why it matters so much?
  • (03:13) Is there a link between Value Management, Churn, and Loyalty?
  • (03:50) What are some mistakes that you see happening at clients when it comes to loyalty or churn campaigns?
  • (06:41) Can you tell us a bit more about what is the content of the client?
  • (07:33) Can you explain what it means in terms of process?
  • (08:31) Can you explain more concretely what is happening there?




With Frank Cornelis, Data Science Lead at Upthrust (sister company of The House of Marketing)




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